The Inversion Theory of Truth

The Inversion Theory of Truth is a philosophical manuscript by Dr. Peter Lugten navigating the contradictions and inconsistencies inherent in religions and philosophies resulting from a faulty understanding of the nature of truth. Dr. Peter Lugten’s Inversion Theory of Truth corrects this and can be extended to generate a Total Philosophy of Humanist Ethics and Morals, personally and for society.

The Self, its Brain, and a Solution to the Body-Mind Problem

This paper solves the Body-Mind problem in a startling way: it proves it to be unsolvable! It also has startling implications for Artificial Intelligence, and our place in the world. Selected as a poster presentation for The Science of Consciousness conference, Taormina, May 2023.

About Dr. Peter Lugten

Dr. Peter Lugten earned his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at the University of Edinburgh in 1979. He brings an outsider’s perspective to philosophy, one based on problem solving.


Articles by Dr. Peter Lugten address the assault by professional philosophers on free will, causality and even the reality of human existence, together with the nature of truth, knowledge, falsehood, and scientific discovery. Here, you will find a critical philosophy that restores common sense to these issues, with, in addition, resolutions to the divisive politics of abortion and the culture wars.


Follow along with Dr. Peter Lugten as he presents his philosophies in an engaging format intended to be easily understood by anybody comfortable with, say, the New York Times. No prior knowledge of philosophy is required or assumed – everything is explained as we go along.


Dr. Peter Lugten would love to hear from you with polite criticisms, questions, or points of debate.